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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Shopping: Latest Purchases Haul

I haven't done a haul post so far on this blog and figured that its getting a lot a views per day, so thought i should do a latest purchases haul. Hope you like x

I ordered a few items off Ebay about two weeks and number of them still haven't come but they are from China, one that did come today was a nail wheel. I really like this product because i can display my nail polishes easily and show everyone my collection.

Available here for only £2.12:

I also ordered two friendship bracelets which still haven't come so i can't really talk about them that much. But i loved them both of them, one of them is a leather friendship bracelet and the other is a silver and pink weaving bracelet.

Yesterday i went shopping a bought a new gold watch from Next, i have been watching Fleur De Force and Fleur De Vlogs videos and have seen her Micheal Kors gold watch which i love. But ovsiously i can't afford to spend over £200 on a watch so this thought i would try to get a watch that looked expensive.

Available here for £45 although i payed £28 in store:

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