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Friday, 28 September 2012

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Shopping: Models Own Nail Polishes

I love models own nail polishes, they have some gorgeous colours and amazing creations.

I love these new Mirrorball polishes, i might have to invest in one myself. They are clearly very popluar because they are sold out individually and in the boxset at the moment, but you can probably by them in boots.

I also love this Tropical box set, the colours are very bright and summery. Although it is now autumn, i would still wear anyone of these colours.

This Ice Cream Sundae box set is gorgeous, i love pastel shades and they are very on trend.

I love glitter polishes, their so vibrant and can be worn with pretty much anything.

All Models Own Polishes available here:

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Shopping: Pink Products!

Flamingo Pink Flower Ruffle Bikini Top

Available here:

Pink Studded Back Peeptoe Court Shoes

Available here:

Pink Fitted Flare Pant

Available here:

Pink Proportion Maxi Dress

Available here:

If You Moust You Moust (Pink)
Nothin' Mousie 'Bout It (Clear pink with hearts)
£11.00 each.

Available here:

Shopping: Lipsy Dress

I love this colour paneling dress and its in the sale!


Available here:

Shopping: Miss Selfridge Top

This top is gorgeous with a textured fish tail design, it would look very stylish with a pencil skirt and heels.

Available here:

Shopping: Miss Selfridge Dress

I love this dress and am quite angry that its only available in the petite section, that is because i am 6 foot and am certainly not petite.

Available here:

Shopping: Miss Selfridge Dress

This dress is so pretty, although very summery but still could be worn in autumn.

Available here:

Shopping: Miss Selfridge Dress

I love this bodycon print dress, prints are really in this season and throughout winter.

Available here:

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Shopping: O.P.I Nail Swatches

Hi guys, i told you yesterday i would upload swatches of my O.P.I nail polishes.

Here is the first coat of If You Moust You Moust.

Here is the finished look, which is two coats of If You Moust You Moust and then one coat of Nothin Mousie Bout It.

Here are the polishes i used:

Friday, 21 September 2012

Shopping: Quontum Dress

Believe it or not this dress is reversible so whether your in the pink mood or the yellow mood, you decide!?

Available here:

Shopping: Quontum Leggings

I love these panelled leggings by Quontum, if you want a stand out piece check out Quontum they have some amazing dresses.

Available here:

Shopping: Minnies Boutique Dress

I love this unique aztec designed dress, can't go wrong with an LBD.

Available here:

Shopping: Minnies Boutique Dress

I love this slightly different take on the classic peplum dress.

Available here:

Times are changing.

I have decided that i will change this blog to a blog about my life but also about shopping because its always hard to find new products and i just don't have the time anymore. Sorry if i don't blog that much in the coming months, but i am very busy outside of School never mind my work in School!

Hope you like the changes.

S x

Shopping: Minnies Boutique Dress

I love checking the Minnie's Boutique website to see their new product and i have just found this gorgeous pink skater dress.

Available here:

Hello strangers . . .

Hello . . .

Sorry its been a while since i last posted on this blog, i've just been really busy and haven't time! But on a positive note my O.P.I Nail Polish arrived off Ebay and its 'If You Moust You Moust', i love the colour because its like a barbie and i will be posting a photo of my nails tomorrow. :-) Also i have been watching O.P.I specialists on qvc and its making me quite jealous that i only own two O.P.I Nail Polishes!!

As you know i am always watching vloggers on Youtube and i have discovered some twin boys than vlog and they are so funny so go and check them out:

And here some of my all time favourite vloggers:

These are by the same person but she has a beauty channel and vlog channel:

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Friday, 14 September 2012

Sorry x

Sorry i haven't been blogging a lot recently, been quite busy at School and have just joined the gym to keep fit. Also i have been setting up my tumblr which all about the stuff i love, check it out here:

Sarah x

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Shopping: Rope Ring

I don't actually wear rings but this one i really love! :-)

Available here:

Shopping: Rompers & Jumpsuits from Nasty Gal

Available here:

Available here:

Available here:

Available here:

Shopping: Floral Print Dress

I love this floral design and with the sweetheart neckline, its a beautiful buy.

Available here:

Shopping: Peplum Dress

The dress and colour is gorgeous, a slightly different take on the very stylish Peplum dress.

Available here:

Shopping: Skater Dress

These skate dress is beautiful with lace detailing and a sweetheart neckline.

Available here:

Shopping: Peplum Top

Yet another gorgeous Peplum top and top it off with a scarf for a more winter look. 

Shopping: Pink Dip Dye Top

I love this gorgeous dip dye top, perfect with jeans, shorts or a skirt.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Shopping: Domino Clutch

I never seen these before and i wish i had seen them sooner, these domino clutches are amazing!

Available here:

Shopping: LuLu Guinness Clutches

I love these original, unique and legendary LuLu Guinness clutches.

Available here:

Shopping: Giulianna Dress

I love this white tulip silhouette with the unique front zip.

Available here:

Shopping: * Pick Of The Week *

I have been looking for this particular bracelet for ages. ever since i saw it on Kylie Jenner's Instagram and i finally found it. She has a personalized version which i can't find but the words available are: sweet, fame bestie and fearless.

Available here:

Shopping: Zac Posen Clutch

I love this sleek and ultra modern clutch with handle, so handy and perfect for any ocassion.

Available here:

Shopping: A Wear Clutch

This gorgeous cream lace clutch is very on trend and perfect for a prom.

Available here: