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Friday, 21 September 2012

Hello strangers . . .

Hello . . .

Sorry its been a while since i last posted on this blog, i've just been really busy and haven't time! But on a positive note my O.P.I Nail Polish arrived off Ebay and its 'If You Moust You Moust', i love the colour because its like a barbie and i will be posting a photo of my nails tomorrow. :-) Also i have been watching O.P.I specialists on qvc and its making me quite jealous that i only own two O.P.I Nail Polishes!!

As you know i am always watching vloggers on Youtube and i have discovered some twin boys than vlog and they are so funny so go and check them out:

And here some of my all time favourite vloggers:

These are by the same person but she has a beauty channel and vlog channel:

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