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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Hello + Blogs.

Hello to anyone who is reading this,

Really sorry haven't been blogging a lot recently, I've just been really busy and i am still busy. I will blog today and then that will probably be it for the week im afraid. I'm travelling to Scotland tomorrow for a few days and then i am going to my local bonfire on Saturday.

I have also been watching Sky News and seeing the devastating disaster that occurred in New York, i am just grateful i don't live there. Although actually i would love to live there but not if the risks of natural disasters are high.

On a more positive note, i have been watching the X Factor (UK) and  am now obsessed with Union J. I ordered two personalized bracelets off Ebay and they came within two days which is incredible. I got one with name on (Sarah) and one with Union J on, here is the link if you would like to order them:

Although i haven't been blogging a lot on here i have been working on my two main tumblr blogs:

Bye for now,

Sarah xxx

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